About Clarkson ITT

Clarkson ITT Pty Limited is a small but well established consultancy which has been in business now since 1991. It specialises in advanced professional training for the finance and related sectors using Excel, PowerBI and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

It also provides financial modelling and custom application development services using the Microsoft® Office® family of applications, Power BI, Visual Basic for Applications and Visual Basic.

James Clarkson founded the company in October 1991 as Clarkson Business Services Pty Limited to provide consulting, development and training services to the finance sector and the financial functions of corporate clients. The company's name was changed in July 2007 as part of a refocusing of the business on the two core areas of expert professional training and modelling.

We provide a range of Excel and Power BI training courses which aim to develop and enhance the skills of professionals in finance, funds management, accounting and enterprise management. Our courses are available both in the classroom and online as public offerings and in-house bespoke classes for client organisations. We have traditionally offered our well-regarded courses regularly in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and the Gold Coast. Since 2020, the courses have also become available as instructor facilitated courses online via Zoom.

In Sydney we have been partnering with the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) since our founding in 1991, offering classroom courses of the Financial Analysis Certificate and the correspondence offering of the Financial Analysis Certificate by Distance Learning. They are offered through UTS Short Courses publicly and to their private clients. All public offerings of the Financial Analysis Certificate are currently offered through UTS to avoid confusion and competition in the online space. All public offerings of our other coruses are currently through Clarkson ITT.

Between 2007 and 2015 our Key Topic Lecture Series was offered by Chartered Accountants ANZ as part of their Business Forum program in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and on occasion in Canberra, while that program had a more general skills focus before it was refocused to leadership programs. In addition, we have presented as part of their Business Valuation SIG Conference in Sydney.

30th Anniversary Celebrated in 2021

30 years logoOn October 9, 2021, we celebrated our thirtieth anniversary at the forefront of training in financial modelling and analysis in Australia.  We have certainly seen some changes in the modelling world since then, the scope and power of the products we work with, and the evolving needs of our students and clients.

The Covid-19 lockdown experience has also taught us all new ways of engaging, and as the fourth decade commences, we are expanding our reach across the globe, through online training offerings, both to private clients and in our public offerings.

Following is a little history of the branding of the business over the years.

The original logo, introduced in October 1991

Original CBS logoWhen originally founded, the business was called Clarkson Business Services Pty Limited. The business then was involved in presenting the earlier versions of our courses and providing a whole range of general consulting services to our clients, including contract accounting involved in year-end and project processing, financial modelling and a range of development services covering Lotus 1-2-3, Lotus Notes, Freelance, Approach, Paradox, Word Perfect, LotusScript.

Updated logo introduced in 2000

Revised web logoIn 2000, we launched the first web site and created a new logo that was able to be included in icons in applications and refreshed our branding.

Over time the consulting work became more focused on modelling and application development, the tool set evolved as the market for productivity applications changed to focus more tightly on Microsoft Office Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Access, Visual Basic for Applications and Visual Basic.

In 2007 - New Business Name, New Logo

First Clarkson ITT LogoIn 2007, the business name was changed as part of a refocusing of efforts and a major update to the printed materials accompanying our courses

The 2009 Evolution

Latest Clarkson ITT logoThe current logo set, both the standard and compact versions were introduced in 2009 in support of a significant rework or artwork for our materials, to align colours from the rainbow with the range of training and services we offered. There are seven official versions of the logo, in which the interior circle match the official colour associated with each course and its materials. This has proved stable now for more than a decade and we don't expect any changes in it any time soon!


Develop and present outstanding courses in modelling and financial analysis.  Provide career-building skills for our students whilst fostering long-term relationships, supporting them in extending their skills.

Build robust and transparent models and applications for our development clients.  Maintain long-term relationships with them to support them in improving their business systems.

Other Services

In addition to training programs, we offer the following professional services

Clarkson ITT builds & delivers
expert training, in classrooms
& online, for professionals in
finance, funds management &
accounting - developing their
skills in modelling and analysis.


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